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Mignals (v.) ,

- To send Mignals.

Mignals means "mixed signals". Mignals is basically, a vibe you're getting, when you think he/she is into you, and digging your persona by the way you communicate. But, however, the next day or so, the vibe will have changed. You would sense a feeling of discomfort in your presence.
This act can be followed out by both genders.

Not to be confused with over-analyzation, mixed signals are obvious to one or the other.
Note - Mixed signals occur even when he/she isn't having a bad day.
Via Text Messaging or Conversation:

Day 1
Guy: " Hey... guess what "
Girl: " What? "
Guy: " I love you! "
Girl: " Haha, thanks. "
Guy: " Why are you so cute? "
This conversation would include mild flirtation, and would end with both guy/girl feeling happy about what they had said.

Day 2
Girl: "Hey"
Guy: "Uh, hi...?"
Girl: "Whats up?"
Guy: "Nothin"
The conversation has become more awkward, and he/she is not so pleased with the responses of the other.

Girl/to Girl Bestfriend: " He acted so happy to see me on Friday.. but on his birthday, he started sending me Mignals, like he didn't want to be my friend. "
by SilverSurfer25 November 01, 2009
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