Where people are hick, ugly, and boring.
"That explains it, he's from the Midwest!"
by amap December 01, 2014
States in the U.S. that aren't quite west, not quite mid. Colorado, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, etc. It's 2007 folks, the west isn't the Mississippi anymore.
Denver is in the midwest, not Chicago. Have you looked at a map lately?
by Trent Bailey December 14, 2007
-a place where they have more guns than people.
-wasted space between New York and Seattle. I'll keep Minneapolis and St. Paul (the famouse Twin Cities), thank you.
-an area so cold nine months out of the year that mexicans seem as though they may be the only ones smart enough not to go there.
-where it is costomary to pause for at least 2 seconds before responding in conversation. (The longer you pause, the more intelligent you must be)
-a famous childhood book called "Where the republican Things Are" is about the midwest. j/k
-a place that, if it didn't exist, the USA would be one huge city called NewYorkMiamiDallasPhoenixLAPortlandSeattle.
-the above can be used without permission.
jack)-lets go from our house in Seattle, to bobs house in Miami................

jill)-we're here!

jack)-did i miss anything?...

by LARDY February 27, 2005
A waste of space. No mountains, no beaches. Just farm animals, fields, and boring people/hicks. Nothing at all ever happens there, with the exception of Chicago and one or two other places. Exists only to make it a hassle for people to get between the east coast and the mountains/west coast. Almost as pointless as Canada.
If you're from the midwest, I'm gonna aim about mid-chest.
by Nick D July 14, 2004
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