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A person into the darker life; someone who is a vampirefreak but is much more maturer than that.
Someone with Dark Style and Habits. Loners who know how to have a good time on their own. People who have great taste in Octane Rock and Metal/Death Metal. Someone who is Vampiric or Pagan without being over-obvious about it.

Someone who knows what and who they are and dresses like it to others like themselves, yet normal people just think there is a Concert in town.

Occult View: Someone who has re-invented Ozzy in some way, while throwing in some wicca and The Lost Boys in a Cool way.

A Cool Version of being an Anti-socialist.
Man, I went to the concert and their were MidnightMasser's everywhere!

Siren, Is one of those MidnightMassers, She has cool style and keeps to herself.
by TragedyM77 July 04, 2011