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A sexual possition invented by comedians Ray Peacock and Ed Gamble from the Peacock and Gamble Podcast. The practice was made in honour of Annabel Chong and involves a train of guys performing anal sex on a single woman. The term Mignight is in reference to it being specefically anal penetration. Legend has it that the term midnight is also due to Ray Peacock using Brown Sauce as lubricant.
Creg and his fret brothers pulled a midnight train on one of the soccer girls last night after the game.
by Hugh G Phallus September 17, 2009
When you are fucking a women preferably around midnight against a glass window and have your friend hide in the room and pull a quick maneuver so that now your friend is fucking the girl and you run outside and wave to her
I plowed Lakisha against the window while Jerome switched with me and nailed her from behind while i sat outside and waved to that bitch creating the position The Midnight train.
by Matt Cicerone June 18, 2008
A gang bang involving a a girl and a bunch of bi-sexual or crazy straight guys putting there penises up each others butts in the form of a ho-train and each guy goes one by one taking turns on his best friend's sister. And you leave your socks and hats on.
Witz: Tom's sister was pretty good while we rocked her world with a midnight train.

Amelio: Ince, Ince, Ince

by Viva La Bitchin' April 29, 2009
The act of taking a dump on a black man/woman's chest. It is known as a midnight train because the shit blends in with the colored skin of the recipient
Last night i gave Lafonda a midnight train
by Dr. Lipschitz August 26, 2010
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