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adj. When someone is really short but is not technically classified as a midget by the standard of 3'8'' from the Little People of America (LPA). This word is important because it is rare to find someone that is legally a midget, so when you want to make a joke about the short person in the group they don't make it not funny anymore by saying, "Well technically blah blah blah..."
John: You should just get a midget to sit in front of your TV to change the channels

Adam: Dude if I could find one I'd even pay them.

John: You could totally pay Taylor to do that, she's looking for a job

Adam: Yea, she is pretty midgetesque.

John: Is that even a word?

Adam: I don't know, it's probably on Urban Dictionary and if not it will be soon.

*actual facebook conversation*
by whosadam October 04, 2009

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