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Glorified friendship.
When a kid in middle school (usually ages 11-14) "likes" another kid and they agree to a week of hugging each other every day. It lasts longer if you're 13+. If you're 12-, it's basically just spotting your "lover" in their group of friends and hugging them, then standing around awkwardly when alone, every day for a week, or a day or two. It's completely fake! Crushes are way better compared to middle school relationships. At least you have something to dream about.
I was once, regretably, involved in a middle school relationship.
by crusaderofsarcasm December 22, 2010
When two people of who are 10-14 years old have their definition of a "relationship" for approximately 5 minutes, then break up, get back together, then break up again, and repeat until they finally shut up and stay broken up.
(Much to the relief of the few others who think that middleschool drama is a load of crap.)
Me: Yeah, sure, whatever.
(10 minutes later)
Me: So, how's it going with Trigg?
Me: *looks at watch* Wow, ten minutes. By God, that's a new record!
(5 minutes later)
Me: Hey, how are you holding up?
Friend: hm? o, me an trigg r bf and gf again! yay!
Me: ...*sighs* Well, thats a Middle School Relationship....
by middleschoolshoulddie May 07, 2010
One kid 11-14, likes someone and that person likes that person back. Start "dating" for 10 minutes and breakup, get back together, breakup and so on
Girl: OMG Kyle and I are dating!

Girl2:Oh lord
4 days later...
Girl:WE BROKE UP!!!!!
Girl2:Wow I'm surprised you guys made it 12 hours! Stupid Middle school relationships
by Football Kid 36 August 14, 2015
You wanna hear a joke?
Middleschool relationships.
by Mikejoebob June 04, 2016
When you decide to become close friends with someone and say you are dating at ages 11-13. You hang out awkwardly around their friend circles and if you are a hardcore relationship, you might get a kiss on the check.
"Grayden cheated on me again! He's dating Allie behind my back! Middle school relationships are the worst."
by melaniestar May 26, 2016
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