an abnormally small runion; a minuscule
Adjectival Variant: Microphallic
In a valiant effort to add length and girth to my microphallus, I did just as my friend suggested -- I tied a 20-pound dumbbell around my member and tossed it out the window. In retrospect, I think the suction pump might have worked better.
by weave September 21, 2003
Top Definition
1. A penis smaller than GW Bush's brain;
2. A clitoris on a man;
3. A dick that is at risk of getting caught in your teeth;
4. A dick that is so small you have to punch yourself in the stomach to see the head pop out.
1. Damn, Lisa caught his microphallus in her braces;
2. His microphallus was so small he could nose-fuck her;
3. Is that a "AAA" battery in your pants?
by Ward and June Cleaver September 28, 2004
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