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Mickey Fickey is the TV friendly version of Mother Fucker.
It first appeared when TBS first aired Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing back in the 90's, overdubbing all uses of the word "mother fucker" with "mickey fickey". This actually made some of the scenes, especially the part where the guy is trying to buy 20 D batteries, quite funny.


The term has since grown in popularity as people use it in place of mother fucker to be funny.
I need some Batteries...

What Size?

by hotsith November 15, 2011
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Mickey Fickey is a slang term used in place of the common and fun to say phrase Mother Fucker. It can be used in every reference where Mother Fucker is used. When one does not want someone to know they are cussing, or talking behind someone's back, use mickey fickey.
Wanna go toe-to-toe mickey fickey?

That mickey fickey needs to be put in his place!

Mickey fickey!
by Fitness October 14, 2005
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1.muthafucka; usually one who is lucky enough to be called mickeyfickey.
2.Dope ass Tampa rapper, young gifted black dude.
this mickeyfickey here, aint pay rent but got new jordans
mickeyfickey's mixtape will be droppin soon..
by miserymrey May 23, 2008
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