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Mickey Fickey is a slang term used in place of the common and fun to say phrase Mother Fucker. It can be used in every reference where Mother Fucker is used. When one does not want someone to know they are cussing, or talking behind someone's back, use mickey fickey.
Wanna go toe-to-toe mickey fickey?

That mickey fickey needs to be put in his place!

Mickey fickey!
#mother fucker #moron #idiot #jackass #asshole
by Fitness October 14, 2005
The minimum amount of frags necessary to advance to the next level while playing multiplayer shooter games.
Ha! You need a fragmin of 20 to keep playing with us, noob.

Fragmin set to 50 gentleman - start your killing spree

In order to achieve total fragmin, one must be willing to identify a target and fire, thus destroying said target.
#frag #fps #multiplayer #online #kills
by Fitness November 09, 2008
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