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the nicest, hottest and most beautiful girl ive ever met.
she is just amazingg and i loove her so much :)
anyone who gets the chance to meet her will be lucky.
"hey mickaela"
"you had me at hello :)"
by richboy bob September 05, 2009
You would be lucky to meet this kind of person. They are amazing and very beautiful. You need to treat anyone with this name with much respect.
Queens, Princesses, Presidents, Mickaela
by aleakcim January 28, 2009
a girl with a huge heart and a tiny gorgeous body to fit it all into. She's always kind and ready to pick you up and put you back onto your feet. She's a ruby, so precious that when you've got her you couldn't bear to let her go. She adds so much to your life that you feel that she almost IS you.. BUT SHE'S NOT. She has her own crazy and wild life that you're lucky enough to be a part of! It's always a blast being around her, for the guys too ;) They can't help being drawn in.. and no wonder why! She's incredibly intelligent, and extremely competent. She knows how to take charge and she makes things fun. She has a certain formality about her, but at the same time sometimes you can tell when her wacky side has completely devoured the rest of her, leaving spontaneity to reign and baffle any living creature within her vicinity!

well if she's super awesome and super fun, it can only be one...
by raffledaffle November 27, 2011
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