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Mick Taylor is a British guitarist who first gained fame for playing with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. In 1969, Brian Jones was kicked out of the Rolling Stones (he died not long after that). In need of a replacement, Mick Taylor was added to the band.

Taylor was an excellent, but very underrated guitarist. He's definitely as good as Keith Richards, but perhaps even better than that. Despite his skill, he wasn't a very prominent or popular member of the band, often considered the "forgotten" member of the band. In 1974, Mick Taylor left the band. He played with Bob Dylan in the 80s but was otherwise not a very prolific artist since the Stones.
Mick Taylor is an awesome yet underrated guitarist. It's a shame that his excellent playing is so overlooked.
by Rhymin' Simon July 29, 2009
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