The school that no one actually likes until they realize it's the only place they are smart enough to go to college.
Birth of a Michigan State University fan:

Jared age 16: I fucking hate high school. The teachers are always riding my ass about not doing homework-I don't need to do homework because I'm so smart I'll just ace the test. I can't wait until I get into Michigan. I've been watching Michigan football since I was 5.

Jared age 17: Fuck Cindy's party. Ryan and me are taking a road trip to watch Michigan fuck Ohio up in Columbus.

Jared age 18: I can't believe I'm still waitlisted. I've already been accepted to state, but maybe there is a chance I'll get in to Michigan still. Fuck State. It’s for hicks and tards anyway. Damn it. Why did I slack off these last 4 years? If only worked harder.

Jared on Graduation Day: Fuck you Paul. I didn't get rejected from Michigan. Technically I'm still waitlisted. Besides State is an okay school and I'll probably just transfer after a year of banging State hoes. Who gives a fuck anyway--I'm just anxious to get stoned before the senior all night party.

Jared age 21: Fuck those Michigan nerds. I never wanted to go there anyway. I've been a State fan my whole life. They waste their lives studying. And finally I'm old enough to go out to the bars--sure I couldn't get laid in the frats but I'm sure my luck will change at the bar. I just have to nail the hoes when their really drunk. I'll swoop in as soon as the bouncers take them out and offer to walk her home. I know I have a test Monday but fuck it. I'm smart enough to study Sunday and ace it.
by Wolverine_2 March 08, 2011
Top Definition
1. More fun than the University of Michigan.

2. Not filled with snobby assholes.

3. Best party school around.

4. Big Ten sports, awesome basketball team.
1. If you like to study, go to U of M. If you like to party, go to state.

2. State students don't automatically think they are better than the rest of the world. I got into the University of Michigan, but I chose to go to state because my head isn't stuck up my ass.

3. "Michigan State University will no longer be considered for our annual list of party schools because we feel it is unfair to include professionals on a list of amateurs." -Playboy
Not even tear gas can keep us from having a good time.

4. NCAA men's basketball team (26-7)repeatedly in final four.
by jen85 May 20, 2005
The best university in the world for a complete collegic experience. MSU has a lot to offer its students: a great atmosphere, a great education, a great social experience, and many other benefits including an extremely attractive student population. The MSU female is the perfect combination of brains and looks, and the MSU male is/gets lucky (often).
I went to Michigan State University and, not only received a great education, but also gained an extremely outgoing and social personality that I could not possibly have attained by going to the Univeristy of Michigan. This is probably why, after my interview, I was successful in getting the job over 4 UofM kids.
by SoberDave June 10, 2006
1. A phenomenal university located alongside Michigan's capital city of Lansing, this school is for the well-rounded student who is looking for a fantastic education, great employment opportunities, and an active and friendly student body--basically the overall "student experience" plus a kick-ass campus. They also have well-recognized and nationally ranked graduate programs in research, law, and all 3--yes 3--of their medical schools. Don't believe it? Here:

"A dynamic and diverse academic community, MSU offers all the vibrancy and excitement you'd expect from one of the most comprehensive campuses in the United States. With an extensive array of high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and preprofessional programs and resources, there's a perfect academic fit for everyone. Outside the classroom, students make connections and feel at home through a powerful network of close-knit communities and inclusive initiatives--including more than 500 student organizations and a range of support services. Undergraduates, as well as graduate students, work side by side with accomplished faculty on research and creative projects and benefit from interacting with other outstanding students from a variety of backgrounds. In addition to the largest single-campus residence hall system in the nation, MSU offers an active Greek community and living-learning communities that bring together students with similar majors and interests to live and attend classes. MSU students benefit from being part of a proud Spartan tradition and myriad on-campus activities and events--including Big Ten athletics and acclaimed performances and productions--as well as life-changing opportunities for study abroad, service learning, and community engagement."
-The American Association of State Colleges and Universities and The National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges
I got into U of M and was offered a scholarship when I applied for their undergrad program. I also got into U of M when I was applying for medical school. But since I at no point wanted to become an asshole, I still chose Michigan State University. So every U of M prick who thinks MSU students were just too stupid to get into U of M, or wishes they went to U of M, think again. We all just didn't want to become petty bitches and associate with any of you.
by nexussss April 19, 2009
Where the girls are half as smart as the ones at UofM and therefore twice as likely to blow you.
Freshman: Did you go to the spring fling last semester?
Senior: No but, I got a blow job from half the girls on the Michigan State University dance team.
by obi-wan shinobi April 06, 2015
Where summer barbeques involve Wolverines. The reason they are extinct in Michigan is because they've been hunted by Spartans.

U of M fans will knock the education, but 90% of them didn't attend college and got their gear at Wal-Mart. They tend to be overweight, diabetic, ugly, and speel lik thise. If you're a guy, you can't help but walk around with a boner because there are so many hotties walking around. Beware - STDs are rampant, but this a case at many universities. Just wrap your junk with a garbage bag or an entire roll of Cling Wrap and you'll be fine.

The best university in the state of Michigan! Anyone that says different didn't even graduate from high school. Appalachian State, anyone? Didn't think so.
by lolredwings June 10, 2011
Bro I filled out a college selector application online and got accepted to Michigan State University!
by Karasins February 10, 2011
A large prison in East Lansing, MI. It claims to be friendly, but not overly so. The humanities programs there teach that white men have caused all the problems in the world. The math department instructors don't know their own material. The business college teaches nothing useful, and the engineering school thinks a good education involves assigning endless problems from the book. The Asian students make condescending comments towards the in-state students.

About 5% of the students spend their weekends watching TV and playing video games, and the other 95% endlessly drink to starve off the boredom.

However, that's how most universities are like, and it is still way better than Ann Arbor, in terms of teaching real-world knowledge, making MSU grads more hireable.
Person 1: Michigan State University roolz!! GO GREEN GO WHITE

Person 2: There are many other ways to live a fufilling life that don't involve taking useless classes and dressing up in North Face clothing...

Person 1: yea well ur jelous dat u didn't get in n00b
by formulamanece305 November 23, 2013
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