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A city within Michigan that routinely has a higher-than-average temperature, due to a large amount of hot girls. When you see a snowflake, a freshman has just lost his virginity.
Just another day in East Lansing, Michigan. It's cloudy, it's dull, and there isn't a ray of sunshine penetrating the clouds. However, it's 276 degrees outside and there's three feet of snow outside the apartment. Wanna get high?
by lolredwings April 07, 2011
Where summer barbeques involve Wolverines. The reason they are extinct in Michigan is because they've been hunted by Spartans.

U of M fans will knock the education, but 90% of them didn't attend college and got their gear at Wal-Mart. They tend to be overweight, diabetic, ugly, and speel lik thise. If you're a guy, you can't help but walk around with a boner because there are so many hotties walking around. Beware - STDs are rampant, but this a case at many universities. Just wrap your junk with a garbage bag or an entire roll of Cling Wrap and you'll be fine.

The best university in the state of Michigan! Anyone that says different didn't even graduate from high school. Appalachian State, anyone? Didn't think so.
by lolredwings June 10, 2011

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