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USED to do really cool makeup tutorials, but then turned into a money-grubbing attention seeker who began churning out poorly made videos to get views. She created her own skincare line, but it is not FDA approved and has been known to burn and/or damage buyers' skin. She then signed on with Lancome so she could make infomercials instead of real tutorials. Known to attack critics and even questioning fans, even thirteen year olds, via Twitter by calling up her army of minions to swarm their pages with hate comments.
I used to like MichellePhan, but I had to unsubscribe when I found out about her promotion of unethical products.
by ChickeyChick January 21, 2011
HOTTEST and most professional makeup/skin care Youtube guru ever. Always knows what she's talking about, has good taste in legally used music, doesn't babble on for too long, has a soothing voice, and is great to look at. Made her OWN skin care line instead of taking offers of companies who wanted to create the products for her.
MichellePhan taught me these makeup techniques, but sometimes I watch just because she's so hot.
by supppppdude July 31, 2009
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