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The best ass-kicking actor in the world. Can be seen in: Girlfight, S.W.A.T, The Fast and the Furious, Blue Crush, Resident Evil, 3AM, and the TV series "Lost" as Ana-Lucia Cortez.
She has been the voice of various roles in video games such as Halo 2 (Marine) and Driv3r (Calita).
Q: Did you see Michelle Rodriguez in Blue Crush?
A: Yeah that was some pretty good acting.
by Surf-typo October 26, 2005
An actress who is known for playing whooping ass roles in films such as Resident Evil and Girlfight. Guys and Girls find her hot.
Guy: woah, michelle rodriguez looks hawt...
Girl: i know, i would totally go lesbian for her.
Me: I turned bisexual for her, I want some of that...
by He's hot, but she's hotter January 07, 2009
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