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Michaylas are real classy ladies. They know left from right and right from wrong and crap from awesome, there is no one better than a Michayla. They are super artsy and have an awesome taste in music, they got that awesome long brown hair and are just the right level of sassy.
"Ermahgerd! Look, it's Michayla!"
"Michayla is my bbz!"
"ERMAHGERD! I'm so jelly!"
by The Epic January 19, 2013
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a nerd who is funny and annoying... but my sister from another mister! who rides horses and who thinks shes a bad a$$ and supposebly says she can keep a secret .... and has a but butt
was that michayla that walked by cause it sure looked like her from the behind!
by awesome123456789 February 04, 2012
1) Rabid Fangirl
2) Daddies Girl
3) Verb; to squeel when a japanese person is entering a room
1) "Dude stop being a Michayla over yaoi"
2) "Ya she is such a Michayla, cant even get close to her without her dad having a shotgun at my face."
3) "Hey look a Jap"
"Wtf did you just pull a Michayla?
by Ra1020 May 03, 2008
1.A dumb slut who is often referred to as my sister she is a bad ass and everyone wants to get drunk with her.

2.Compulsive band slut who needs to wrap her hole around every guys pole.

3.A girl with a big heart and even bigger vagina
Man look at that girl she's all over both the guitarists!

Ya what a Michayla
by Macjager August 18, 2011

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