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Very smart, and cute. Loves to be around boys. Best girlfriend ever, hot and sexy. Every boy wants her.
Boy 1: I want a Michaella!!
Boy 2: I have one!
by Lollipop16897 March 09, 2009
A girl with both beauty on the inside and on the outside. She can often be seen with low self-esteem although she is very caring and motherly, especailly to people who are disadvantaged or have special needs.
That girl, she's a right Michaella
by Pepper Clarke March 02, 2008
A name of a very beautiful girl. She doesn't know she is beautiful. Best girlfriend in the world. Often she will find herself unhappy, as she tries to make everyone feel good before herself. She is damn sexy, cute, and sweet. She can be shy at times but is great in bed. Most girls don't get along good with her seeing as they are jealous. She is an amazing person and a very loyal friend. Also, gives the best blow jobs known to man.
"Dude! You're dating Michaella? Nice man."
by screwtwilight187 February 05, 2010
A girl that lacks in self confidence and can often be seen with anxiety disorders, such as OCD, PTSD, SIB, PD, Anorexia and Bulemia.

Michaella is the sort of girl that is however, very beautiful both on the outside and the inside. She is very caring and motherly, especially with disadvantaged people or those with special needs. Michaella is a very kind girl, needing love and trust, as it is what she craves.
That girl, she's a right Michaella.
by Pepper Clarke March 01, 2008
A girl who is a big fan of Asian balls. Also has an usual fondness for all things British. Has a particular taste for tea. Absolutely in love with boys who's names begin with V's.
Hey do you know Michaella?
Oh my god dude, yeah. She's quite a card.
by pieceofcheesecake April 01, 2016
A time of 24 years.
A score + 4.
Two michaella's ago, most blue collar laborers considered their salaries a living wage and their pensions guaranteed.
by Antonio de la ChaCha December 15, 2008
1.) A female who is unable to take any responsibility for her own actions, and due to low self esteem sees herself as the victim in every situation. Yet, she is manipulative enough that people will believe her victim act and try to save her.
2.) A female who manipulates guys into believing everyone else is responsible for her horrible lot in life and YOU are the guy who needs to save her.
1: Man, Michaella has him by the balls.
2: Yeah, she is so crazy I don't get why he can't see it.
3: Shutup guys, I love her she has just been hurt a lot before.
by sammy898 February 02, 2010
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