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The most amazing person in the word. very crazy but fun to be around. a fantabulously awesome girl who wears tutus and crazy things like that
by crazylaughingme February 11, 2010
22 3
Mono In A Bottle - A drink consisting of Orange Fanta, Mellow Yellow sodaa, Coke, four Pixie Stix, and one red starburst. You mix them all together in a bottle, shake it up, and pass it around so everyone gets a sip. It's a trust or a friendship thing. You only play with people you trust so you don't get sick.
Person 1 - Hey, let's all make some MIAB!

Person 2 - Okay! Hey, everyone! Let's make some MIAB!

Everyone - OKAY!
by Daygona13 March 29, 2010
1 1
Mufucka in a blanket
Dang, that guy is a miab
by J-Money255 September 06, 2008
2 6