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The sending of photos of either a Mexican person or persons or images pertaining to Mexicans via cell phone.
Dude, this girl totally Mexted me yesterday during Spanish class. I hear Mexting has become a real concern among French teachers. Yeah, we try to Mext each other every hour or so.
by lethargicsloth June 09, 2009
55 12
To text with Mexicans, or to send pictures that relate to Mexican things, such as sending a picture of yourself wearing a sombrero. It is a very large concern among parents worried about their teens, often compared to Sexting
Fox News: Is your child part of the phenomenon sweeping the teen world known as Mexting? Find out tonight on Glenn Beck.
by aryeaeru n7er7jek February 27, 2011
7 3
Making up by text.
By mexting: "So babe, why are you so mad at me? 'Tell' me what I might have done so we can 'talk' about it."
by Cigar Dave : ) August 23, 2011
1 5
Using symbols instead of words to write definitions in math class.
There is no need to write out the definitions when you can use mexting.
by t-quick March 30, 2011
0 5
Making out while texting
I saw you mexting against the car
by toew January 22, 2011
5 10
to send mass texts to groups of people
what are you doing?
im mexting my group about the upcoming meeting
by katlikearockstart November 03, 2010
3 8
texting while mowing the lawn
I was mowing the lawn the other day while texting my friend asked me what i was doing I said mexting.
by normanbates79 June 02, 2010
21 26