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Any automobile that can be used to carry an unusually large number of passengers. Most Mexobiles are used to transport illegal immigrants back and forth to jobs in which they are all using the same social security number. You are most likely to see a Mexobile in any of the lower 48 states mainly because Hawaii is too far and there's no fence to jump over to get there and Alaska is just too damn cold for them.
Coworker 1: Jose came to pick Pedro up at work yesterday and you'd never guess who showed up and jumped in the Pinto: Pablo, Jesus, Maria, Juan, Carlos, Dora, Diego, and Bill.

Coworker 2: Tuesday I saw an entire paint and drywall crew with all of their equipment packed into a Chevy S-10 with a topper.

Coworker 3: That's nothing! Today I saw half a truck being pulled by a donkey.

Now that's a true Mexobile!
by donkeypunchyou March 10, 2009
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