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Moustache of thin hair that only occurs on the outside of the upper lip. Often worn by latinos.
He needs to shave his mexistache
by Darrin Baird January 20, 2005
A mustache on a woman that resembles a mustache on a mexican man.
Man, that is one hairy bitch, look at that mexistache
by Pancho Villa January 22, 2004
dirty, greasy, filthy, little, mustache that most spanish, mexican, or hispanic(latino) men as well as other unfortunate men have between there nose and upper lip.

The mexi stache is a symbol or sign of extreme wealth
and/or disformed penis.

Ben grows the mexi stache very well but will never be able to give good mustache rides like I.
by jpabaloni November 20, 2006
A full thick bushed mustache created my munching on a black fat bitches pussy.
Jimmy got a Mexi-stache last night from having a sweaty night with a negro.
by Jsilly10 March 06, 2011
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