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The mexican superman who goes around Mexico with his indestructable moustache and his sidekick Burritolad. He's not a very useful superhero but he can help with simple tasks.
Oh no we are out of taco shells who will help us.

Look what's that coming down the dirt road?
Is it a man, a car?
No it's Meximan on his trusty stead "Chimi the Packmuel"
by The Chocolate Leopard April 10, 2010
a hott Mexican guy.... so instead of being a Mexican...hes a MexiMAN.
"woww girl look at that MexiMan!"
by fiFIfoFUN44 April 16, 2007
a hunk of burning mexican so masculine, you can help but fall head-over-heels for him.
ariana found her meximan waiting for her at the bus loop at 3:15 pm, and thus knew she was in love.
by jediduck :] October 14, 2007
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