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A genre of restaurant that involves Mexican people working at a Chinese restaurant.
Person 1: Wanna go eat at Panda Express?
Person 2: No I hate their stupid Mexichan food.
by Paperthreader August 16, 2009
A hybrid between a Mexican and a Chinese person. These creatures enjoy fajitas with a hint of dog and unwelcome second children. Their favourite term consists of the words 'Arriba' and 'chingwingwongtongchao'. These people tend to have a strange personality and culture, and are often found to be hard-working, moany bastards that kill people over shoes and shout for no fucking reason when you are trying to have an important conversation about the mating habits of the female lobster.
"Oh my god Julie, get the kids in the car and lets get out of here swiftly, there's a Mexichan over there".
by pablo del chong July 26, 2011
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