A Mexican immigrant who does not speak English.
Jose does not speak English. He is a Mexican't.
by The Jade January 16, 2007
Top Definition
A Mexicant is a person of Mexican descent who won’t work hard and is often seen goofing off and being lazy. Combination of Mexican and the contraction can’t.
Pedro is a Mexican because he works hard; whereas Jesus is a Mexicant because he can’t seem to do the work George gives him.
by OneBadAsp October 21, 2006
Part of a funny line from "Once Upon a Time in Mexico."
Are you a Mexi-can, or are you a Mexi-cant?
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
A pessimistic Mexican.
Come on Jose, you can jump that hurdle, don't be such a mexican't
by molten February 02, 2006
Term used to describe a lazy incompetent hispanic worker.
Boss: I knew when I hired you that you couldn't cut the grass right!! You've proven to be nothing more than a mexicant! Why can't you be like the other mexi-cans?!?!
Mexi-Cant: ¡Tú asno estúpido! ¡Sabes que no hablo inglés! ¡No sé lo que está diciendo el infierno tú! ¡Guardar tus tres dólares por hora! ¡PARÉ!
Mexi-Cans:(off in distance pretending not to be listening) I told his broke ass to learn spanish.
by Andrrew July 30, 2006
A person of Mexican descent who does display characteristics typical of his or her cultural background. Examples include:
* not speaking any Spanish
* never having viewed a brick of pot
* does not live with at least 4 extended family members
* does not wear hoops (female)
* hates Selena
* no mustache (male or female)
* Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim or anything not related to Catholicism
* hates tequila, corona and jumping castles
* thinks Jessica Alba is a real Latina
* has no idea who Pancho Villa is
* says Pan-cho Vill-ah
* hates futbol (gooooooooooal)
Man, Maria-Elena is such a Mexican't, she doesn't even draw her eyebrows on!!!
by Raquel Miranda May 16, 2008
a Mexican who is unable to hop the fence at the border due to malnutrition or sprained ankles from long hours of mowing and playing soccer
Hernandez- ey meng ju seen juan lopez?
Armando- naw meng he was wit us in tijuana
Enrique- oh no meng he a mexicant he couldnt make it over!
Hernandez- Porque juan lopez!!! porque!?!?!?!
by Closet Azns April 11, 2008
A failure at life, a mexican fence-jumper.
Andrew Sainz is a mexi-can't.
by Rick James, BITCH..! August 01, 2009
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