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The Date Rape Drug, Street name for Rohypnol, a sleeping pill marketed in Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia by Roche Pharmaceuticals and which is reportedly quickly becoming the date rape drug of choice because when taken in combination with alcohol it causes disinhibition and blackouts lasting 8 to 24 hours. It is also known on the street as: Forget Pill / La Roche / Lunch Money / Mexican Valium / Pappas / R-2 / Rib / Roaches / Roachies / Roche / Roofies / Rope / Rophies / Ruffies / RZ: in Australia it is sold as Stupefi;
In the Movie "Hangover", those guys accidentally took some Mexican Valium

I'm gonna give sarah some mexican valium at the club tonight
by Guillermo(Mexican Dealer) June 22, 2010