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a port-o-potty; port-o-let; port-o-john; portable toilet. named so because port-o-poddees are found predominantly in construction areas where Mexicans are known to frequent and work and their resemblance to a ramshackle space shuttle.
No bathrooms on this construction site, just Mexican space shuttles.

Jose was in the Mexican space shuttle for an hour, I wouldn't go in there.

That Mexican space shuttle is dirty.
by alicia s March 15, 2008
A portable enclosed toilet often found at construction sites.
I wouldn't be cought dead using a mexican space shuttle.
by jdoe July 15, 2003
were beeners try to go to space were the control room and stuff is but to white guys and blacks to it is the porta potti aka the shittier aka THE JOHN aka crapper
THE JOHN, Mexican spaceshuttle the outhouse when your on constuction site
by dan weezie October 05, 2006