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Someone who moves earth manually by hand, shovel,bucket etc. They have no real backhoe's in mexico hence the term.
Look at that lazy fuckin mexican backhoe standing on that shovel. I should kick his ass and make him work..
by copper head September 27, 2006
A shovel.
"How in the hell am I going to dig a swimming pool?"
"Here's a Mexican backhoe. Get to work!"
by Yago October 08, 2003
a Shovel
You better crank up that Mexican Back Hoe, that's a big hole you have to dig.
by bigben thigpen August 11, 2011
hombre using a scoop shovel
Senior swimming pool mucho work, I use mexican backhoe remove el pero poop from your yard! NO

Yo gringos call these scoop shovel real name tijuana mexican backhoe.
by itichie_nocanpo July 05, 2006