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Any vagina that is visibly ridden with STD(s).
I was going to bone her, but then I got too grossed out by her mexican taco.
by Todays Producer September 14, 2009
Mexican pussy
Sammy s sisters pussy looked like a mexican taco
by nuke mexico!!! September 09, 2010
Sexual intercourse and felatio with excremented genitalia.
Juan took a huge shit on Maria`s clitoris and pussyhole then plunged his cock into the steaming loaf forcing it into her pussyhole, after ejaculating on her clit he begins to munch on the Mexican Taco.
by Rage November 29, 2005
When 2 people are fucking cowgirl style and the girl shits on the guy and it gets spread between both of them.
Guy#1: Dude I was doing kelly last night and she mexican tacoed me.

Guy#2: Damn
by meothello April 24, 2007

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