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When you titty-fuck a girl because she is having her period. Just after cumming between her tits (thus creating the cheese), you rip out her tampon and rub the blood between her tits as well (thus creating the sauce).

Defecation can be added as a third step depending on whether one prefers cheese or meat lasagna.
Charles: Dude are you fucking that girl tonight?

Frank: No, I think she has her period.

Charles: Well I hope she's hungry then, cause you gotta give her the Mexican Lasagna.
by Wowthisisgross October 16, 2010
multiple layers of cheese, ground beef, sauce, and tortillas.
mexican lasagna, example: enchilada
by sawwantha October 15, 2011
1. Code word for Tequila. Often used in conversation by underage drinkers.
Person 1: Yo what are we going to have tonight?
Person 2: Some Mexican Lasagna.
Person 1: Sweet!
by ~j.ln. February 02, 2010
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