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When 2 or more males lay in an enclosed truck bed while smoking a minumum of one blunt per person. To be an official Mexican Hotbox, the truck must be a lowered Chevy S-10, and each blunt must be smoked end to end before lifting the cover.
Smoke poured out of the mexican hotbox when I lifted the cover, we smoked at least 4 blunts while we were in there.
by iG3tBr@in April 17, 2010
A type of hot box in which a bathroom shower is all the way hot on full blast to create a sauna out of the rest of the room. The extreme moisture build-up is known to absorb some of the smell, even though it can still reek on the outside.
Don't make the bathroom into a mexican hot box yet! I need to piss first!
by Jaydog586 September 27, 2005
When the driver of a vehicle lets a beefy fart, then locks the windows, forcing the other occupants to marinate in the aroma
"Why is that guy in the backseat gagging and trying to break the window out?" "See the driver laughing? Dude just pulled a Mexican hotbox"
by Baloo76 May 17, 2014
Similar to an Indian hotbox, except it's when you and the lads eat too many tacos and turn that car into a heaping cloud of swamp ass.
"Holy shit Taylor you better slow down on that Taco Bell, or were gunna be in for a stank Mexican hotbox later.
by Tightassnoswass August 24, 2016
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