Similar to a Hipster, but even poorer. They tend to be found at the back of Music Festival stages shuffling to any type of music or sound or nothing. They wear skinny tight jeans so their balls don't jiggle when they shuffle to prevent from chaffing. A lot of them originated from Socal and primarily from Downey, California and seem to know who Nicholas Reppert is.
Mexican guy: "Hey are you from Downey?"

Latino girl : "No, But do you know a Nicholas Reppert from Downey"

Mexican guy: "Yeah, how do you know him?"

Latino girl: "Because you look like a Mexican Hipster.
by Erica Lamb August 06, 2012
Top Definition
From Downey, California; you see them at raves who wearing tight skinny jeans and bandannas, and may sometimes be associated with Nicholas Reppert from the Downey High, Class of 2007 or areas near Downey, CA.
guy: "Hey are you from Downey?"
girl : "No, do you know a Nicholas Reppert from Downey class 2007."
guy: "Yeah, how do you know him?"
girl: "Because you look like a Mexican Hipster."
by krazieaznchicc January 01, 2010
A Californian who understands the other side. His/Her parents own a broken down beetle or microbus. Knows all the lyrics to Jimi Hendrix songs and hangs bootleg Janis Joplin posters. Understands that without bats we cannot have tequila, therefore traces migratory patterns of flying mammals to sustain a party life. Guy, Has a big mustache and a lazy comb-over. Girl, is simply a Fresa. Both ingest flax seed and chia seeds because it gives supernatural Aztec Powers. Prominent in K-Town, Sac-Town, the Bay Area and GDL. Most likely will become a mayor or councilmember altough claims to be 'Punk-Rock for Life' Homes!
Jenner: Bromio, do you remember where I left my fixie?

Ronnie: Broseph, you dropped it at the Mexican Hipster's pad because he was going to swap your bottom bracket.
Jenner: Oh yea, I forget shit when I'm sober.
Ronnie: That's hella truism! Yo, should we pick up some PBRs and go pick up your bike?

Jenner: Sounds like Bromance bro, let's do that. I bet the Mexican will grill up some oraganic shit.
by boot•tuck•chuck October 01, 2015
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