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Cheap but annoying tactic that bamboozles a chat server into rapidly disconnecting and reconnecting users in a chat room
I was chatting on gay.com, but someone started a Mexican ferris wheel and I got dumped!
by Vanna White May 17, 2003
When someone puts ÿ in their bioline in gay.com and it fucks up the room.
Was that Pat Sajak and the Whéél of Fortuné? No, it was just a Mexican Ferris Wheel.
by Shadow March 24, 2003
This tactic is now defunct (like most of the bitches in the gay.com Houston Citywide 1 Chat Room), so it doesn't work anymore.
Chazz is defunct, after he got with nwbttm4u. Johnboistudboi is defunct after he got with half the room. Oh, and iEetGlu is defunct...his mom felt sorry for him so she gave him a quick lick of her dense jungle of a vagina.
by Shadow June 15, 2003