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The system of cooling off a car by rolling down the windows.
Bob: It's a hundred degrees out - I can't believe your car doesn't have air conditioning.

John: Shut up. It has Mexican AC - just roll down the window.
by Maldoven July 26, 2004
The act of putting a bucket of ice behind a fan in an attempt to cool the air. Just another invention from a small town called El Monte. Also see mexican bath.
Hey dude, would you please turn up the Mexican AC?
Sorry dude, my mom used all the ice in Kool-Aid
by Matt, Steve, Josh May 30, 2006
act of sticking ass out car window to keep cool...
we were riding in LA with Mexican AC.
Policeman pulls us over. Step out of the card now walk backwards, on your knees pull up pants...
we all say gracias los Estados Unidos de América!!!

( u see in old mexico they just shoot u when ass out window )
by itichie_nocanpo August 30, 2006
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