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A policeman's baton.
The suspect looked like he was going to make a break for it, so the policeman had to break out the nigger beater.
by Maldoven July 26, 2004
Archetypal Negro: Apologetic and subservient, yet will pilfer whenever unsupervised. He schemes constantly, but lacking cleverness, always ends up in trouble when his half-baked plans fail - hence the apologetic nature.

Counterpart of Buck
"Some tell me 'tis a burnin' shame
To make the naygers fight,
And that the trade of bein' kilt
Belongs but to the white.
But as for me, upon my soul!
So lib'ral are we here,
I'll let Sambo be shot instead of myself
On ev'ry day in the year."
by Maldoven July 28, 2004
The system of cooling off a car by rolling down the windows.
Bob: It's a hundred degrees out - I can't believe your car doesn't have air conditioning.

John: Shut up. It has Mexican AC - just roll down the window.
by Maldoven July 26, 2004
The sound a retard makes.

1. Used to indicate that something is so obvious that even a retard could figure it out.

2. Shorthand for, “How did I not think of that? I am such an idiot!”
Duh! What was I thinking?
by Maldoven July 07, 2011

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