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An extremely awesome, and extremely sexy Sri Lankan! a A much better version of Kevin "G" Gnapoor from mean girls. The easiest way of identifying said "Mevan G" is to check his nipples. If his hands are on his nipples, you have found one. But becareful, the G is silent when he sneaks through the door, and makes love to your woman on the bathroom floor. And he doesn't play like shaggy, you will know it was him, cuz next time you see her, she'll be like, "ohhhhhh Mevan G!!!!!!!!!"
Liz: "Did you hear about the lady who cheated on her husband?"
Rob: "yeah!! And her husband was in the house!"
Liz: "I know!! How did he not hear or see?"
Rob: "They were in the bathroom!"
Liz: "But he had to have heard him walk in the house! Right?"
Rob: "I bet it was a Mevan G!!!!"
by rcruz930 September 26, 2010

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