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Metroid Other M is the latest installment in the Metroid game series. Metroid Other M takes place after Super Metroid. Samus is flying her ship when she encounters a distress call codenamed 'baby's cry'. She flys to a huge space station called the Bottle Ship, where she meets her former commanding officer Adam Malkovich and the 7th Platoon which she used to fight with. You will play through 3 sectors and also 2 extra ones called Main Sector, (where you begin) and Sector Zero, (where the game ends.) Sector 1 is a jungle, sector 2 is snow, and sector 3 is lava. *SPOILER ALERT* Eventually you meet a girl name Madelin Bergman or MB for short, who is a witness to a murder... one of the members on you platoon is a traitor. Anthony Higgs, a long-time friend of Samus, is thrown into the lava by Ridley, but miraculously survives. It is eventually discovered that the Galactic Federation is creating metroids to use them as a weapon. Adam Malkovich gives his life to save Samus, they have had a rough past. She was rebellious during her days in the Federation, and at the end of each briefing, Adam would say, "No objections, right lady?" Members would give a thumbs up if they understood and agreed with the briefing, but Samus gave a thumbs down. Samus makes it out fine and so does Anthony.
Metroid Other M is a must-buy game!
by A7X forever September 06, 2010

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