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Michie Nimsombun. 5"7. 143 lbs. Huge Faggot. Born and raised in Lansing, MI. Wears his bike helmet to ride around town as a 14 year-old boy.
HEY Roger!!! Did u see that MetroFag walking down the street!!! He is totally a MetroFag!!!
#michie #faggot #mitchie #fagot #mcfaggot #nimsombun
by mcthomas June 25, 2010
Commonly known as "metrosexuals", metro fags are, to put it simply, guys who feel that the only way to get chicks is to dress/act like a poof. For this reason, they are a real hit with girls worldwide, and it is unfortunately very rare you will meet a chick that actually wants a MAN, not a pseudo-homosexual poseur.
Jim: "Matt is such a metro fag."
Paul: "Yeah, did you hear his girlfriend dumped him because he was acting more feminine than her?"
Jim: "HAHAHAHA! What a poof!"
Paul: "Yeah, what a poof."
#poseur #fag #poofter #queer #metrosexual #ben cousins #fake #faggot
by sch1sT May 29, 2008
One of the so called "Skux" species bred with one of the "Scene Kid" females and created some kind of hybrid of faggotory

thats fucking metro
What the fuck is that?
Thats a fucking Metro fag
#metro #fag #faggot #skux #scum
by RiverTheScaleyManFish July 22, 2010
A straight male who acts and dresses like a homosexual. Related to punce , gay and fag.
1. "Hey see that guy over there with the stupid rolled up sleeves and the designer bag? What a bloody METROFAG"

2. "Dude, is that guy with the David Beckham hair gay or what?" "Nah man, he's just a fucking METROFAG"
by de Cruz March 11, 2004
A faggot who says that he's metrosexual when in fact he's just gay.
Holy shit! Look! A metrofag!
#metrosexual #faggot #queer #gay #homosexual
by Erik Angeles January 21, 2007
A metro fag or metro for short is a insult used by normal people in the eastern suburbs of melbourne. It is used against people that wear fluro pink shirts etc. well any fluro clothing. brands like travesty and fluro trigger pants are metro.
1st person : wow look at that metro hes wearing fluro lime triggers and a fluro pink t-shirt!

2nd person : yuck... what a Metrofag!
#metro #metrofag #fag #homo #gay #lsg #hard style
by anti-station rat guy September 30, 2007
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