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1.The act of shouting your friends a round of methamphetamine and then supplying them with a large meal. Used to show you are a good friend or when having lost a bet where a methanfeedem was the agreed punishment for the losing party for having lost said bet. A methanfeedem can also typically be used to repay back previously owed debts.

2. A party where methamphetamine users can openly attend to make new friends, new dealers and to of course, get high then eat a large meal. Methamphetamine is provided by all attendees of the party unless previously stated otherwise, while the host is responsible for the food.
A methanfeedem where an attendee does not have to contribute drugs is often run by dealers looking for new buyers. Such methanfeedems are regarded bad and should be avoided.
Meth dude 1: Bro, you going to Dave's methanfeedem tonight?
Meth dude 2:Yea bro, this is gonna be mean as.
Meth dude 1:Yea, just make sure to bring your own this time.
Meth dude 2:Of course man, but I just hope the feed isn't kfc this time, I'm on a diet.
by That gumbyninja guy April 21, 2011
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