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A nick-name to describe Vermillion County, Illinois. Especially the City of Danville and it's surrounding areas. Aptly named due to the fact that you cannot go more than 100 yards without being near a meth lab.
John: Have you seen Jane since her trip down to Meth Valley?

Joe: No, but I heard she lost 50 pounds and most of her teeth.
by gawdly1 March 03, 2013
A term used to describe Vermillion County Illinois, including Danville and surrounding areas. Aptly named for the inability to ever be more than 100 yards from a former or current meth lab anywhere inside this community.
John: "Have you seen Jane since she got back from Meth Valley?"

Joe: "No, but I heard she lost 50 pounds, her kids, and most of her teeth."
by gawdly1 March 03, 2013
Created by immature losers who are envious of other humans. People who have to create lies about women i.e. she is on drugs, just to degrade her so she isn't THAT much better than you, but you are losing this battle because you are just that pathetic! Someone who probably has a mediocre life and is dissatisfied with it. One who has to hate to feel better about themselves. See insecure
Love yourself and stop hating, stop creating lies. Meth Valley maybe a fantasy dream of yours, but please keep your fantasies to yourself, they are very lame, imho.
by Lost in translation 12345 March 29, 2013
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