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It beats the meter by just a little bit. Approx: 1 Meter and 1 Inch.
"It is two meterbeaters from here to my locker."
(2 meters and 2 inches)
by Baguji the Great September 10, 2004
An internet multiplayer gamer obsessed with individual performance in group based activities to the exclusion of the overall objective. A player who is so consumed with individual performance excellence in groups, they appear to receive sexual gratification from it.
I am more interested in helping the raid be successful than being a meter beater.
by Krazax April 02, 2009
1002.54 centimeters farther from the origin in a Cartesian plane. Abbreviated by MBt.
This field is a 10 MBt x 10 MBt cow pen. Very small indeed.
by Caisha Sin'ya November 15, 2004
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