A district 204 high school that was established for the 09-10 school year for freshman and sophmores only. It only serves freshman and sophmores because the junior and senior areas of the school was not ready in time for that school year. The school is located in Aurora but serves both Naperville and Aurora kids. All students from Hill middle school, the majority from Granger, a small portion of Still go to Metea. The school cost approximately double Neuqua Valley high school, one of the schools rivals, did. The other rival to Metea is Waubonsie, however, because most of the students would have gone to Waubonsie if Metea had not been built, the rivalry between Metea and Neuqua seems to be greater. For the 09-10 year, the school did not have varsity sports except for indivual player sports (ex-tennis), but nearly every team had a strong winning record. The school has an astroturf field and track, and there are many windows throughout the school. Everyone who goes here is extremely lucky.
"Where do u go to school?"
"Metea Valley High School"
"Awwwww lucky"
"Yeah i no"
by mvhs13 November 10, 2009
Top Definition
Metea Valley High School is a place where most hate to be. There are deffinetly some cool teachers, but the rules make no sense.

Dean: "You're not allowed to play hackey sack during lunch!"

Student: "But why not?"

Dean: "Because we have problems with kids smoking and drinking in the bathrooms"

Student: "?"


WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS (dont pay attention to the other deffinition's examples, this happens so much there is a facebook page for it)

Student not going to Metea: "What school do you go to?"

Student going to Metea: "Metea :("

Student not going to Metea: "aww that sucks"



(Student is lightly tapping on the locker bank with his hands, making a "drum beat")

Dean: "HEY! You may NOT tap on the locker bank!"

Kid: "Why?"

Dean: "Because you're going to break it!"

Kid: -_-

Metea Valley High School at its finest
by jimmy67483 August 21, 2011
A high school that refuses to create a bass fishing team. Even though all the district 203 schools have bass fishing teams and it is an IHSA sport.
Phil: Hey did you hear that bass fishing is an IHSA sport?

Dave: Yeah, 199 schools in the state have a team!

Phil: Why doesn't Metea Valley High School have a team?

Dave: Because Metea is fucking gay!

Phil: Hell yeah! Metea is gay as fuck!
by bassmaster6969696969 January 27, 2013
Metea Valley High school or MVHS is the newest additon to the 204 district high schools, Nequa and Waubonsie
It features only Freshman and Sophmores in it's first year and looks to decimate the other high schools..mainly in sports..mainly..
It is the only school in District 204 to have Astro-turf for Track
Metea student: Hey what school you go to?
Nequa student: Nequa
Waubonsie student: Waubonsie
Metea student: I go to Metea Valley High School
Waubonsie and Nequa students: Lucky!
by Kay-dog September 02, 2009

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