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Superior procrastination wherein one creates activities for procratination and will then procrastinate on performing their pocrastination activities. It involves deliberate and active procrastination. Activities which are performed while procrastinating are not unrelate, but deliberate and concious acts of procrastination.
I didn't want to write my essay, so I procrastinated. I decided to clean instead of writing my paper, but I didn't have the right cleanser so I needed to go to the store. But it was raining, so I watched some TV while I waited for the rain to stop. Then I feel asleep and didn't finish my essay.

Dude, that was some serious metaprocrastination.
by Carolyn Wilson December 10, 2006
When one gets so advanced at the art of procrastinating that one starts to put off procrastinating, i.e. procrastinating procrastination. This is often done subconciously/without intending to metaprocrastinate.
I've mastered metaprocrastination; I really didn't want to write that essay, so I procrastinated on it, but then I got bored of procrastinating so I started to metaprocrastinate and finished the essay without realizing it.
by paskeh November 20, 2014
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