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1) The act of being forcefully anally penetrated with a round stainless steel bar at least 1' in length and 2" in diameter. For safety reasons, the stainless steel bar should NOT exceed 2' in length and 4" in diameter. Metaloscopy is commonly used as a means of torture and pleasure within the BDSM community.

2) Endoscopic examination of the colon via the use of a round stainless steel bar (can vary in length/diameter depending on the circumstances).
1) A local teen died yesterday as a result of excessive metaloscopy. The penetrator failed to adhere to the length and diameter limitations and successfully disemboweled the penetratee.

2) Doctor: "It's definitely a risky procedure, but at this point we have no other choice but to preform a Metaloscopy."

Patient: "Uh...Doctor, don't you mean a Colonoscopy?"

Doctor: "No."
by Etiainen February 18, 2010

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