a genre of hardcore music, also, a way to describe something brutal, dark, or intense.
Dude, you see that guy getting killed by a dog? that is so metal.
by rawrrahrawr December 04, 2009
adj. something dark, brutal, evil, intense, heavy, and blood
guy 1 "this movie is awsum they just ripped sum guys face of" guy 2 "wow... metal"
by etninja August 30, 2009
The best kind of music ever made. Created as a branch of rock, jazz and blues.

People stereotype it to death, saying it's nothing but loud guitars and screaming. Most of it is actually composed of complex riffs, excellent solo's, and the best singing in the music business. Sure, there are a few black sheep's in the genre but when you ignore that stuff, you will see that it is awesome.

Listened to by metalheads, who are also stereotyped. Close-minded people think that metalheads are nothing but loud and obnoxious rejects. This is usually untrue, a vast majority of metalheads are deep thinkers and individuals who don't just follow the crowd.
Some examples of good metal bands are
Iron Maiden
Lamb of God
Avenged Sevenfold (before their self-titled album)
Black Sabbath
Led Zeppelin
System of a Down (although their genre can be disputed)

Examples of metal stereotyping
Dumbass: Eww, u lizen 2 metallica? dats all just screamin. u should lizen 2 50 cent or fall out boi!
Metalhead: Fuck you, I won't like something just because it's popular. Metal has deep lyrics and talented musicians.
Dumbass: nu! its just screamin! the only good metal is avril lavigne!
Metalhead: Fuck you, she's a poser? And have you ever heard Metallica?
Dumbass: yah...
Metalhead: What song?
Dumbass: Uh *runs*
Metalhead: Yeah, that's right, go conform with the crowd! *Walks off with awesome friends who are also Metalheads*
by Metalheads FTW December 16, 2007
The stiffest dick one could ever get.
I get metal every time I see Stefania!
by pentozali March 21, 2010
Something violent and/or disgusting but really cool.
Javi: Did you see that car crash?
Son: Yah it killed 3 children
Javi: Pretty Metal
by HKEBJav November 24, 2008
Hardcore to the point of extremity.
Usually used to describe extremely awesome situations in which the happens to be much violence, killing, or just overall hardcore vibes.
HOLY SHIT, that guy just slaughtered 30 innocent civilians with an old lady's severed leg, now that's metal!
by Negro Copter September 27, 2008
Awsome music catigorized by heavy guitars and machine gun drums.
See Master of Puppets by Metallica
by Nuh Uh December 01, 2007

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