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Latin Word meaning 'reaper'.
Latin words for reaper, 'messor' and 'messoris'.

In Roman mythology, Messor was one of the minor god assistants (harvesting) of Ceres, the goddess of agriculture.

Messor is a genus of myrmicine ants, similar to Aphaenogaster.

About Ceres (Messor is mentioned in this section):

"Ceres made up a trinity with Liber and Libera, who were two other agricultural gods. She also had twelve minor gods who assisted her, and were in charge of specific aspects of farming: "Vervactor who turns fallow land, Reparator who prepares fallow land, Imporcitor who plows with wide furrows" (whose name comes from the Latin imporcare, to put into furrows), "Insitor who sowed, Obarator who plowed the surface, Occator who harrowed, Sarritor who weeded, Subruncinator who thinned out, Messor who harvested, Conuector who carted, Conditor who stored, and Promitor who distributed"."
by Jukka Perkka September 11, 2007
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