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Fucked in the head. No idea about anything. Just Stupid!
You are messed. (with a disgusted look)
by Rich Ferrari November 29, 2003
A scenario or sitation, your own or otherwise which is undesirable or unexpected.
Man, you having to work the long weekend, thats MESSED.
by Jephrey May 27, 2006
short for 'mess head' usually used between mates who have been through a lot of shit and try and take almost anything. usually buzzin of there tits constantly and love a good sesh.
orite mess head you coming round!
ows it goin mess ed
by the pricey April 07, 2006
Messed (adjective):
Description of a bad high. Derivative of "messed up."
"You don't look so hot..."
"Yeah, I know. I got pretty messed last night."
by Arthur September 28, 2003
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