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The act of pwning noobs on online games
"Whoa! You just Meshach'd that Noob!"
by Thecoolestguyyoucanthinkof May 29, 2009
A smart, fast, strong mofo. Meshachs are normally sexy beasts and temptation to women.

Has a range of talents including; Music, Any participating sports and Just being an awesome guy.
Meshachs are also known by they're bulging muscles, and tend to have the ability of Affness when playing football.
"Damn! He's so aff!"
"That nigga's sexy"
"That dude is so awesome man!"
"How the fuck did he do that?!"
"Jheez, Meshach's moving Lavish still"
by Meshy98 June 04, 2013
One who can't sit still for a period of five minutes.

A Meshach is also one who will repeat his name after being called.
Example #1
Guy 1: OMG that guys wont shut up!

Girl 1: I know right?!? He keeps repeating everything I say!

Guy 2: What a freaking Meshach

Example #2

Guy 1: Hey Meshach


Guy 1: -_-
by MaskedPseudonym November 10, 2011

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