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She's the type of girl that could be as happy as a rainbow, yet she's fierce. A femme fatale. Doesn't trust people easily, open minded and understanding. Take your time to know Merryl, she's an all around person! She can be crazier than you think, serious when it comes to advices, a bestfriend that you could trust, a kid at heart who loves ice cream and could spice things up as well. As a girlfriend she has lots of flaws..but everyone does right? Totally HOT on the dance floor. just treat her right, she'll do the same. Everyone should have a merryyyllllll!
Man did you see that? She's a Merryl!

She's so legit! *sigh I WANT, MUST HAVE..a MERRYL!
by LovesyouuuuuuuMer! April 02, 2011
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merryl was used at one time to refer to a black bird
by Stray Nag February 03, 2010

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