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Whatever. It means anything your heart desires it to mean.
Jane:"Oh! I forgot to tell Billy that one thing! Oh well."

Jill: Yeah, MERNT."
by Amanda Thoensen November 28, 2004
Used in any form of dialog (or ANY part of sentence structure) where no other word makes fits better / or helps to emphasize a part of the dialog better than any other word
i)That was the MERNTEST movie I ever saw! ii) John is such a . . . MERNT! iii) Ah MERNT! iv) Look how MERNTY the weather is!
by dzuke69 January 27, 2005
a word used primarily in alabama meaning several things.
Shut the MERNT up!
by jax-PC- September 06, 2010
An Onomatopoeia that can mean nearly any sound when used properly. Also used as a singular form of communication among those who truly understand "mernt". Mernt can also be used to signify a great variety of things generally relating to things that would have motion and/or sound. Mernt simply is an m, e, r, n, and t to spelled properly, but can have more added and sometimes other letters for more specified use and as well may have some removed as long as it generally retains a related sounding. There is no antonym, related words, official misspellings other than lacking the key essentials(makes a different sound) or synonym for "mernt".
Everyone else:Damn dude, that's narsteh.
by Merntmerntmernt October 23, 2011
This word means _________________________
yep at is what it means
Bubba is such a mernt
by albert September 02, 2003

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