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Something tried and true. As good as gold. Reliable.
That knot is a Merle Haggard, it will never come loose.
by Patrick Roughen September 26, 2007
a sucker punch, especially one that knocks somebody out cold.

It's also a Merle Haggard if your friend pretends to check on the unconscious victim and instead starts delivering a fury of vicious blows to the already injured person.

Inspired by the true story of a bar room brawl involving Merle Haggard, his first wife, a bandmate, and a really big, bad, mean fellow.
I didn't have a chance against that huge goon, so I played it cool until he turned his back on me, then I gave that sorry motherfucker a Merle Haggard like he's never seen. Then my friend gave him a Merle Haggard after he was already knocked out cold.
by Sargent Soul Spank August 02, 2010
The Act of going to bed with a "perfect 10" after a long night of drinking but waking up sober with something more resembling keith richard. The end result of putting on your beer goggles.
Man did you see that fugly slunk Jason just left with......he's in for a real merle haggard when he wakes up in the morining.
by chris t paine May 30, 2008
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